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You're a software developer at a large nameless corporation. It's 5:00pm and it's time for you to go home. You are represented by the small black square.

the player

To move around use the W A S D keys or the I J K L keys. To interact with objects, use the E or U key.

The goal of the game is to get to the exit, which is located a number of floors below the starting location in the lobby. The exit doors are yellow squares.

the exit

To go down a floor, use the stairs. They are represented by purple squares.


Getting out of the office is the main goal, the secondary goal is to increase your social standing in the work place. You start with no social standing and no social skills. As you walk around the office you will be able to sense the moods of your fellow work mates. Walk over one of your co-workers to sense their mood. They are represented by a blue square.

an npc

Once you are in the same cell as a co-worker, use the interaction key (E or U) to interact with them. Their personality, mood and social status are taken into account to determine if you can successfully socialised with them.

Depending on the outcome, they will either be your friend or your enemy. Tough break, but first impressions count. If they turn out to be your friend, they will turn green. If they become your enemy, they will go red.

a friendly npc one of your enemies

You can keep tabs on your social status and your social skills as you progress. The UI bars at the bottom of the screen represent them. The black bar is for your social skills, luckily, this can only improve. The blue bar represents your social status, this will increase and decrease depending on the outcome of your interactions and the social status of your co-workers.

the ui bars

When you have had enough of socialising, head to the exit in the lobby on the bottom floor. You will be rewarded with a summary of your actions and the option to start another game. Try to see how many friends or enemies you can make!

a game summary


fivepm was created in less then a week for the 2014 7drl challenge. Check out the source code on github.